SWEDEN, Piteälven river near Älvsbyn (northern Sweden)    
January 1987
circle in river ice

Gösta Nilsson discovered this ice ring on the Piteälven river south of the little town Älvsbyn in northern Sweden in
January 1987. The inner circle diameter is approx. 50 metres. The pictures have been published in the book "Alien Art: Extraterrestrial Expressions on Earth" by Sarah Moran (introduction by Erich Von Däniken), Quadrillion Publishing,
USA 1998. ISBN 1-85833-859-X. The author has
these comments to the ice circle.

The photographer Clas Svahn (a researcher for UFO Sweden) states: "Gösta Nilsson, seen in the pictures, witnessed
how the 50 metres large ice floe had formed during a period of several weeks. Such rotating sheets of ice form as ice
fragments gather where a river makes a turn, or on any flowing water. This is an unusual, but well known phenomenon,
and not the least mysterious".
The Norwegian Crop Circle Group is aware of this prevailing theory, but feels there is reason to question whether it
supplies the full solution, as ice circles can also be found in small ponds with stagnant water - one even include an
extension to the circle. (See photograph further down from Churchville, Maryland, USA.)   

SWEDEN Gösta Nilsson by Piteälven river,  Jan. 1987  C.S.         SWEDEN Close-up of the circle PHOTOS: Clas Svahn

SWEDEN Owerview of the ice circle on the Piteälven south of Älvsbyn in northern Sweden, Jan. -87
PHOTO: Clas Svahn

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