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photographed on the
 31th of July 200

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West Overton


Adams Grave
Foto © Egil Fylling

FotSilbury Hill ling
Den norske musikeren og kornsirkelenING

Egil Fylling

© Egil Fylling
Photos Egil Fylling


     seen simultanously & photographed
         above Adams Grave, East Field

 Wiltshire, England

 EGIL FYLLING - the Norwegian composer of the most
 beautiful music -
often inspired by the crop circles, has
 the last three summers travelled to see the crop circles
 in Wiltshire. He has
shot numerous photographs in the
 area, and has also
been recording film for his musical

 He was rather astonished when he studied his photos
 from last summer and found a number of spherical
 objects as well as luminous objects (BOLs) on his images.
 According to Egil Fylling most of these images were
 the same day,
between 11:30 and 15:30 pm on the 31th
 of July 2006.


Adam’s Grave: Two spherical objects in the sky, photo-
graphed while a helicopter was present.
     Taken from East Field towards Adam’s Grave (see the
     photo to the left, rendered here with permission from
Avebury: One object over the Silbury Hill ghost circle
     from the previous year.
     Taken from Avebury towards Silbury Hill.
Silbury Hill: Two spherical objects in the sky above
     Silbury Hill.
     Taken from West Kennet Long Barrow towards Silbury
West Overton Hill/East Kennet: Two luminous objects
    over the field next to the crop circle that appeared at
    West Overton Hill five days earlier on the 26th of July.
    Photographed from West Kennet Long Barrow towards
    West Overton.

 All these photos were taken within four hours!

All the images, along with a full report, can be found at
the link Balls of light in the menu to the left at Egil Fylling’s
 web page:

 He emphasizes the following:
 "I cannot give any more information about the objects,
 than what you can observe from the images yourself.
 I can confirm that they were all taken on the 31th of July
 2006 between 11.30 and 15.30 pm at East Field, Avebury
 and West Kennet Long Barrow, in Wiltshire, England".


 Østfold mun.

Discovered approx.
 July 20th, 2006

Crop circle near Trøgstad
 school, approx. July 20th 2006

Photo Olav Halsnes

Close up

Photo Olav Halsnes

Section of the photo above

Photo Olav Halsnes


    Trøgstad, Norway
         (Østfold municipal)
(to be tranlated soon!)
 Den 5. august fikk Norsk Kornsirkelgruppe melding om
 at en sirkel, ca. 3 meter i diameter, var blitt funnet i
 en hveteåker ca. 200 meter fra Trøgstad skole. Sirkelen
 lå usjenert til i en nordhelling, og var vanskelig å se
 uten på lang avstand.

 Ringen var ca. 50 cm bred, indre sirkel med stående
 korn målte ca. 2 meter i diameter. Kornet lå mot klokka.
 Ringen beskrives som sirkelrund, noe ujevn i kantene.
 Kornet var bøyd nede ved roten, og lå flatt mot bakken.
 Jorden var tørr og hard, og viste ingen avtrykk

 Sirkelen ble undersøkt og fotografert den 6. august, ca.
 2 uker etter at den ble oppdaget. Det er usikkert hvor
 lenge sirkelen da hadde ligget der.

 Det var journalist Gunnar Fjellengens kone Inger som
 oppdaget kornsirkelen fra bilvinduet. Hun tipset sin
 nabo, Ivar Halsnes, om det uvanlige funnet. Halsnes
 bestemte seg for å ta sirkelen i nærmere øyesyn, og
 etter en rekognoseringsrunde vurderte han sirkelen
 såpass interessant at han kontaktet Norsk Kornsirkel-
 gruppe. Hans bror, Olav Halsnes, kom til stedet den
 6. august, og fikk fotografert sirkelen. Noen dager
 senere ble åkeren slått.

 Det er interessant å merke seg at sirkelen ble funnet
 ca. 300 m fra en ca. 2000 år gammel steinsirkel.
 Mer info her. (to come!)

East Sussex

Mai 21st 2006

Alfriston, East Sussex
Photo Heather Woodards

 KlikOverwiev picture.
 Click for (small) enlargement!
Photo © Heather Woodards




    First ENGLISH formation
               in 2006
      has been reported!

 This spring we were kept in suspense for a long time,
 but finally - on May the 21st - we received the good
 news that the first formation of the year in England
 had finally arrived - in Alfriston, East Sussex. 
From a
 distance, the circle is estimated to be approx. 50ft in

On a walk on May 21, 2006, Heather Woodards discov-
 ered a small formation in a field of oilseed rape
 (canola) near Alfriston in East Sussex.  The pictures
 she took show a small ring with a straight path coming
 out of it.
As visible on the photos the oilseed plants
 are already loosing the yellow flowers, a fact that
 makes it very likely that also the formation is of an
 older date. Based on this fact it seems very likely
 that the formation formed already in early May - that
 would make it the first formation in the UK in 2006.

 The circle was viewed the next day by Andy Thomas,
 that states: "Whether it can truly be called a "for-
 mation" is debatable, as from a distance it looks
 distinctly unimpressive, and viewing with binoculars
 reveals a rather scraggy ring which could even be
 where some kind of farm vehicle has simply turned a
 circle in the field. That said, this may be too negative
 a view of this event, which has clearly been laying in
 the field for several days at least, maybe weeks, and
 hence it is difficult to be sure of tis original quality.

The site is a cerealogically historical one - the adjacent
 field to the south was home to the famous quintuplet
 formation photographed by the then Labour MP Denis
 Healey in 1984. But this year's event is rather less
 dramatic, to say the least, and hard to get too excited
 about. The appearance of such a minor marking would
 usually merit little attention - its profile is raised, how-
 ever, by the fact that it is the first official UK sighting
 of the year (if one ignores the recent commercial
 formation made for a Wiltshire newspaper)".

 Globally two more formations have appered this year:
 The first one in Connondale, Australia, the 28th of
 March. The other one in Italy, occuring the same day
 as the UK circle, at May 21st - both to be found at the





Terje Toftenes (in the
 middle) receives the
 EBE AWARD statuette
 for the best 
 in the category
 "UFO Related Theme".

Nancy Talbott BLT Research,
congratulates Toftenes,
 who proudly presents
 the statuettes, won in two
Photos: T. Toftenes


American FILM Award
                to the Norwegian documentary
                           CROP CIRCLES -
           Crossovers from another

                      (shown at the Norwegian TV channel
                      TV-Norge on the 13th of april)

 Terje Toftenes, the director of the feature film "CROP
 CIRCLES - Crossovers from another dimension
 received The EBE AWARD at "The Annual international
 UFO-Convention and Film Festival" in Laughlin, Nevada,
 USA. The conference took place from the 3rd to the 5th
 of Marsh 2006.

 The documentary won the price for the best feature
 film in two different categories:

 One for the best documentary in the category "UFO
     Related Theme".
 The other in the category "The peoples Choice", the
     public’s favourite of all the categories.

 "The EBE AWARD" refers to "Extraterrestrial Biological
 Entity". As far as we know this is the first time the
 price has been given to a Norwegian director.

 Terje Toftenes reveals that the success in The United
 States might result in new projects. "I have registered
 a new firm, "New Paradigm Films", that will be the
 basis for further projects in the spiritual and para
normal realms", he says.
 The Norwegian Crop Circle Group gives our warmest
ons to Terje. We anticipate the future
 productions within this fields...

9th of August 1956

UFO photographed at the
 island Marskär,
among the
August 9th 1956.
© Photo: Kåre Kårevall.
Source:  UFO-Sweden

21st of June 2005

"Computer mouse like"
 object observed over grain
 field on the 21st of June
 2005, 18:30 pm.
 © Computer created image:
 M. Booth

 Painting of the event – by the
observer, Michael Booth.

Photo montage:
Michael Booth has, on his
photo of the wheat
 field above,
 three white
 metallic objects.
 © Photo montage: M. Booth

Wheat stalks with bent nodes
 (apical nodes positioned
 under the seed heads)
 were found the following
 day in the closest trail (on
 the photo of the field above)

The stalk to the left
 was taken
outside the trail.
 The two stalks to the right
 were collected inside the trail.
© M. Booth


    Boreham Down:
 - Similar object observed
on an earlier occasion?                   
 On the 22nd of June 2005 a crop circle was discov-
ered at Boreham
Down near Lockeridge, Wilthire,
 England (for more information about the crop circle,
 look farther down in this posting). It is however
 not the crop circle it self that we want to focus on
 here, but the strange observation of a UFO in the
 same field the night prior to the discovery of the
 crop formation

 On Tuesday, June 21st, 2005 at 6:30 pm, the
 Englishman Michael Booth was riding next to
 Boreham Down, when his attention was caught by
 three objects moving slowly in the field on the left
 hand side of the road. The objects were brushing
 through the top of the crops, depressing the heads
 of the wheat, leaving a trail about 20-30cm lower
 than the rest of the crop in the field.

 The next day Michael Booth came back to take a
 closer look at the trails and to photograph them.
 He found that, within the trails, the top of the grain
 stalks were bent, whereas the stalks outside the
 trails were unaffected. To the left you can see a
 painting and
a photo montage made by Booth to
illustrate the event.

 The same day (the 22nd) a crop circle was discover-
ed 180m away from the trails.

 Michael Booth confirms that he observed the
 objects bending the grain stalks,
- the three
 objects leaving one trail each.
He did not SEE the
 creation of the crop circle.
 However since this is
 the first time anyone has witnessed objects in the
 process of bending crop, the event is unique and
 deserves our attention.  

 The Norwegian Crop Circle Group has searched for
 references to related observations. We have
 discovered that an object quite similar in shape was
 observed from a short distance (and photographed)
Sweden in 1956. It might appear as the Swedish
 object was slightly larger, though. UFO-Sweden
 states in their report:

 Marskär, Sweden, 9th of August 1956

 The image (top) was taken by the Stockholm based
 artist Kåre Kårevall, at the shore of a lake on an
 island outside Stockholm. He was just about to
 photograph his friend’s catch of pike, when a
 luminous object lifted from the ground close to the
 men. “I quickly turned and just managed to take a
 snap shot before the object rose up into the air and
 dissolved”, he tells.
By contacting the local
 defence authorities, they suggested that it was a
 bank of fog that
was ascending from the ground.  

 Source: UFO-Aktuelt (the magazine of the UFO
 organisation UFO Sweden) number 2, 1993.

 The Norwegian Crop Circle Group has presented
 the image of the Swedish object
to Mike Booth,
 who comments:

 "I of course cannot suggest what this is in Sweden,
 but the shape is exactly the same as the craft I was
 looking at, within 95 %. The two are very similar. It's a
 pity that it was 50 years ago and not last year, however
 that time may be the blink of an eye for those observing

 I should point out that despite having an interest in
 UFOs, I have always been sceptical because no one
 ever has total proof. Since last summer i have no doubt
 in my mind that we are being visited or observed by
 another intelligence. The experience I will never
 forget. Now when i go cycling I have my eyes peeled!"
   - Mike.


"The Dolphins"


Andy Buckley
English crop circle
 researcher witnessed the
Dolphin formation appear.

Terje Toftenes

"The Dolphins" crop circle,
appeared July 26th 2004.

Photo ©

"The Dolphins", close up.

Photo ©


July 20th, 2004:  Six days
earlier, at 9am, a chopper
was scanning and photo-
graphing another formation,
the Pewsey White Horse2,
at a very close range.

Photo © Terje Toftenes

July 2005: This helicopter
was photograped mid.
 July 2005.

Photo: Charles R. Mallet


Photo © Terje Toftenes

Andrew J. Buckley has
researching and
 investigating the UFO
 and crop-circle
menon since 1972 and
 has been a member of
 including the British
 UFO Research Organi
sation [BUFORA] and the
 Centre for Crop Circle
 Studies [CCCS].

 He has published several
 articles including ‘The
 Military Menace’ [UFO
 Reality magazine] and
 ‘The Woodborough Hill
Crop Formation 2001’
 [The Circular &
 Cerealogist magazines].

 He has also appeared
 in several crop
 and UFO
 Avebury Earth Mystery
"Contact" by Bert Janssen
 - crossovers rom another
 by Terje Toftenes.

 He works a as an artist
 and graphic designer and
 currently lives in Cheshire.


             EYEWITNESS  STATES:
"British Army helicopters
  were present as crop circle
        formed in 2004
 In July 2004, on the night The Dolphins formation
below Golden Ball Hill in Wiltshire, England,
Andy Buckely witnessed some extraordinary events.

Does his observations imply that that the British Army
 was involved in the making of this crop circle, or simply
 that the military pays extremely close attention to the
 crop circle phenomenon …?
 His account also seems to contradict earlier claims that
 this particular formation was man made.

(This is just a short summary - please notice the link to the FULL story further down!)

 Buckley, an experienced English crop circle and UFO
 researcher, states:
"On the evening of Sunday, 25th
 July 2004, I decided to conduct an all-night sky watch
 from the summit of Golden Ball Hill, near Alton Barnes,
This high vantage point offers excellent views
 across the Vale of Pewsey and beyond. I
ascended to
the summit and positioned myself beside some bushes
 and set up my equipment
. Below me were two large
 copses situated at the foot of Knap Hill, which was to
 my right [west]. I had an excellent view of the sur
rounding countryside. N
o unusual ground markings
 were then to be seen, and the night was quiet.
 time was approx
. 21.45 hrs.

 At precisely 02.25 hrs, I  could see a pair of flashing red
 and green navigation lights approaching at extremely
 low level. Through the nightvision scope I could make
 out the familiar silhouettes of two Apache Longbow
 army helicopters. Suddenly, as they drew level with
 my position, one of the helicopters abruptly veered to
 a point below me, and assumed a stationary hovering
 position to • the rear of the two large copses.

 The other helicopter maintained a hovering position
 approximately 20-30 feet above the crop in the field
 where the
"dolphin" crop formation would eventually
 appear.  The sound from these two aircraft was
 deafening and I could feel updrafts of air from their
 rotor blades. Almost instantaneously, the pilots
 extinguished all navigation and cabin lights and
"stealth mode" where the engine noise is
All that could now be heard was a very low level
 swishing and reverberation from the rotor blades.

 My attention was drawn to the helicopter over the
 field because it suddenly began to perform a rather
 unusual manoeuvre. Whilst maintaining a steady
 altitude, it began to very slowly spin around in a
 clockwise direction for approximately 2-3 minutes

 then became stationary for about thirty seconds
 before repeating the action several times.
I simul-
 taneously became aware of a faint ambient blue
"glow" rather similar to phosphorescence
 which appeared to emanate from underneath the
 fuselage of the helicopter
.  (...)

 Keeping a watching brief with the other helicopter,
 I noted the rotor sound had increased slightly and
 I became concerned that the aircraft might be
 approaching my position
. When I shifted my atten-
 tion back to the other helicopter I was astonished
 to see directly below the aircraf
t what appeared to
 be a large circular marking on th
e ground which
 was most certainly not there a few seconds earlier.
 The marking was quite dark and nebulous but I
 instantly knew what I was

 It was difficult to maintain a clear view because
 the helicopter partially obscured the feature as it
 continued to manoeuvre at ground level. However
 after several minutes, both helicopters departed,
 eventually flying off in the direction of the military
 ranges on Salisbury Plain, but not before switching
 back on then-navigation and cabin lights.

 Looking through the night scope I could now clearly
 observe what was to be subsequently called the
"dolphin" crop formation, in what appeared to be a
 state of completeness. The time was precisely 02.40
. As
I had timed the period the helicopter had
 hovered over the field
, i
t can be determined with
 reasonable accuracy that the formation had appeared
 over a period of approximately 3 -5 minutes.

 Of course, I cannot be absolutely certain that the
 formation was created by the action of the heli
copters, but there is no doubt that their presence
 had an important part to play in its creation.
 definitely can be ruled out is the
"official" expla-
nation that the formation was man-made by a
 team of hoaxers

 The Norwegian Crop Circle Group highly recommends
 to read the FULL REPORT by Andy Buckley - as it
 contains many important details NOT quoted here! -
 as well as a warning to 
take precautions against
 the potentially dangerous energies occasionally
 deployed in the creation of some crop formations.

 He also points to possible disinformation campaigns,
 and states: "The contents of this report should warn
 researchers and members of the public to be extre
 mely discerning before accepting what they perceive
 to be the truth, and at all times to maintain an open
 mind and keep vigilant.
 You owe it to the phenomenon and the truth!".

(Mrk: Space outs by Red.)




"The Woodborough Bridge"
 crop formation, appeared
 within a period of few
 minutes coinciding with
 the close proximity of
 two unmarked probably
 military helicopters
July 14th 2003.

Some of this incident
was captured on film
and the report to your
 right hand details what
 Andy Buckley experi-
enced over a period
of three hours.

Photo ©
Lucy Pringle

Woodborough Bridge,
overview picture.

Photo ©
Lucy Pringle



For information purposes
we present some photos
 of this special type of chopper
often seen above the crop
fields in Wiltshire.
 All photos depict the very
same chopper, and are to
be found on the  internet.

Source: The Register





2 black Apache helicopters
   seemingly interacting as
   the Woodborough Bridge
 formation appeared in 2003

 On the morning of July 14th 2003, Andy Buckley
 witnessed the creation of a crop formation close to the
 Kennet & Avon canal, about half a mile due south of
 Woodborough Hill, near Pewsey, Wiltshire UK. The
 formation appeared within a period of a few minutes or
 less coinciding with the close proximity of two unmarked
 probably military helicopters. Some of this incident
 was captured on film and the following report details
 what he experienced over a period of three hours.

 "On the morning in question, I had decided to walk to woodborough Hill,
 after leaving my car parked in Woodborough village at 09.15 hrs. This
 walk normally takes about thirty minutes and the route is via the
 Kennet & Avon canal and Woodborough Barns along a public right of
 way. On reaching the canal bridge [known as Woodborough Bridge],
 I stopped to take in the view and scanned the surrounding crop-fields
 to the north. This I repeated at regular intervals until I reached the
 summit of Woodborough Hill at 09.45 hrs.

 I can confirm with absolute certainty that there were no unusual ground
 markings / crop formations present in any of the fields south of Wood-
 borough Hill, which would have been easily visible either from the canal
 bridge, the farm track, or the summit of the hill. From this location, at
 about 10.00 hrs, I noticed two dark coloured helicopters manoeuvring
 at very low level near Woodborough canal bridge. Through binoculars
 they appeared to be Apache Longbow 'gunships' as deployed by the
 Army Air Corps. In order to obtain a closer look, I  ran down the track
 towards the canal, but after a period of only several minutes both heli-
 copters flew off in the direction of Warminster to the south-west.

 I arrived at the canal bridge at about 10.30 hrs and almost immediately
 became aware of a very loud rumbling noise which seemed to be
 approaching from the west. Suddenly, two very large helicopters
 appeared, black in colour with no obvious markings or serial numbers,
 and fully armed. I was quickly spotted by the pilots and one of the
 aircraft flew towards me and took up a very low-level hovering position
 near the canal bridge. Feeling very vulnerable, I took cover behind some
 bushes adjoining the bridge. My attention was drawn to the other
 helicopter which had descended to ground level about several hundred
 yards over the field to my right. The crop below the helicopter was
 swirling violently as a result of the downbeat of the rotor blades and I
 noticed that an unusual apparatus was hanging beneath the fuselage
 which was about five feet in diameter, black in colour, spherical in shape
 with a short tube like protuberance beneath it and pointing at the ground.

 After a few seconds, I was somewhat taken aback to see and hear what
 appeared to be an explosive updraft of colourless steam or water vapour
 from the surface of the crop directly underneath the fuselage of the
 helicopter, which covered an area of approximately one hundred feet.
 This was accompanied by a loud hissing or sizzling sound, similar to
 that of rapidly cooling steam under pressure. The effect of this rising
 'vapour' was to forcefully hit the underside of the helicopter, causing
 it to pitch and sway. Perhaps for safety reasons, the pilot rapidly
 ascended to a slightly higher altitude. After a matter of several
 seconds, the 'vapour' dissipated leaving an indistinct mark in the crop.
 I barely had time to deploy my video recorder, which had been packed
 away in my rucksack. Glancing at my watch, it was apparent that
 about four minutes had elapsed since the appearance of the helicopters.

 With my video camera now deployed, I ran down the track in order
 to obtain a clearer view of the incident. Almost immediately, the
 helicopter carrying the sphere-like apparatus swiftly gained altitude
 and moved off in the direction of Pewsey to the east. Meanwhile, the
 remaining helicopter, which had been making repeated low-level
 passes, perhaps in order to distract me from observing his colleague,
 also flew off in the direction of the military ranges over Salisbury Plain
 to the south. At this point I distinctly remember checking the the
 time-clock on my video camera which read 10.41 hrs.

 What happened next is still not entirely clear because the last
 thing I remember is noticing a new crop formation [the Wood-
 borough Bridge formation] precisely where the second helicopter
 had been hovering and beneath which the 'water vapour' had risen
 from the crop. The following forty-five minutes were completely lost
 to me, because at 11.30 hrs I again found myself standing on the
 summit of Woodborough Hill without any memory of having walked
 to the hill from the canal bridge. Interestingly, the time-clock on my
 video camera inexplicably 'jumps' from 10.41 hrs to 11.24 hrs in a
 single frame. This is definitely not an edit or as a result of having
 paused or stopping the camera. The time-clock had been accurately
 set and tested three weeks previously and I had installed a new
 lithium battery. Despite this confusion, what is certain is that
 between 10.30 hrs and 10.41 hrs on the morning of 14th July 2003,
 coinciding with the presence of two unmarked helicopters, one of
 which deployed what appeared to be some exotic form of technology
 over the surface of the crop, a new formation appeared in a matter of
 seconds, which definitely wasn't there before 10.30 hrs.

 It is possible that the pilots, whether military or otherwise, were
 vectored to this location because they had prior knowledge of the
 imminent appearance of this formation, possibly in order to record
 or participate in its creation, for reasons we do not yet fully compre-
 hend. Enquiries with the Ministry of Defence would no doubt prove
 fruitless, although there can be little doubt that the military are
 implicated in incidents involving the crop circle phenomenon,
 evidence of which has accumulated over the years through
 research and video recordings.

 Later on the morning of 14th July, I was able to make a thorough
 ground survey of the formation which was fairly typical of other
 similar 'pictograms', with a neat and tidy ground or floor 'lay' with
 very little obvious damage or breakage of the crop stems and seed
 heads. There was no evidence of any mechanical pressure having
 been applied via the use of stomping boards or garden roller. I would
 be very interested in contacting other researchers should they have
 further information regarding this formation, particularly aerial
 photographs, detailed ground surveys and perhaps more importantly,
 any results of crop sampling and testing from this formation. I would
 be happy to exchange research material, and would be intrigued if
 anyone else has also witnessed the above incident or obtained video
 footage, or has experienced harassment from low level military
 helicopters in Wiltshire or Hampshire".

 I can be contacted at the  following email address:

 Copyright 2006. Andrew J. Buckley

Norwegian Crop Circle Group would like to remind you that ever
 more evidence occurs to support that the crop circle phenomenon
 has been going on for centuries. The oldest known case is from
 Lyon, in France, and dates back to the 800 century.



July 23rd 2003

A military helicopter was
very low above the
formation, while
the research team was
surveying the crop circle.

Uniformed US Air Force
soldier in the crop formation.

The soldier told the
that he was part
 of a US Air Force
crop circle investigative unit.

The uniformed soldier
studied the research team
with binoculars as they
 working inside the the

The crop circle that occurred
in Keskoskee, Mayville
three weeks earlier,
on the 4th of July 2003.



The farmer Arthur Rantala
how the crop circle
 formed, over a
few seconds, accompanied by
a sudden strong wind.

Three weeks later the
 research team
 investigated the formation

and found plant anomalies
 that could not
 been caused by
 human activities.


Laboratory tests provided
 clear evidence
that the
 formation was genuine.  


Uniformed soldier in crop circle claims
the US Air Force has established a
  special crop circle investigating unit 
                    (Wisconsin, 23. July 2003)

 On the 4th of July 2003, at 07:30 the farmer Arthur
 Rantala witnessed the formation of a crop circle in
 the field of his farm Kekoskee, Mayville,Wisconsin, USA
 (see previous information in this section in 2003).
 Three weeks later, on July 23-24th 2003, a private
 scientific research team provided physical evidence
 confirming that the Wisconsin crop formation was not
 made by hoaxers.

 As the team collected soil and plant samples from the
 field, they realized that they were under
From the nearby hill, a man in a camouflage uniform
 was watching us with binoculars.
After I informed the
 rest of the team that we were being watched, the uni
formed soldier got into his car, drove down the hill
 towards where we were parked, and slowly passed us
 noting our license plates. He drove to the end of the
 block, turned his car around, drove back to where we
 were standing and parked his car. He got out and walked
 directly into the formation. Dr. Lietzau was practically
 jogging after him into the field. (…)

 As we chatted with this soldier from the US Air Force
 (who we had now identified by his uniform), he told us
 that he was part of a Special Crop Circle Investigative
 Unit in the US Air Force, and that they had been looking
 into this formation for the past couple of weeks, tempo
rarily based out of a hanger in Milwaukee. He also told us
 that this unit was originally based out of Scott Air Force
 base located in Illinois (southeast of St. Louis, Missouri).
 He further told us that this team had investigated two
 crop circles that appeared near “Downing, Illinois” last
 summer (2002), but that he hadn’t participated in that
 investigation -- but others had. We had not heard of
 that crop circle report in Illinois, so we are checking to
 verify that information. (See the bottom of the article
 for information about this. Ed.)

 The soldier stayed in the formation about 10-15 min.
 I played tour guide, and walked him around the
 formation. We told him of some of our plant anomaly
 findings, and asked several questions. I offered my
 contact information to him, and our team offered to
 cooperate with his investigative team by providing
 them with any information we might find at He then returned to his car and
 immediately got on his cell phone, and left

 Read the full story here:

 Obs: The section with the soldier’s visit is to be found half way down
 the article
, starting at the photograph of the military helicopter.

 The research team has attempted to confirm the
 information provided by the soldier. At the bottom of
 the full story article you’ll find a discussion forum. In
 his entry Todd Lemire presents the latest information.
 For questions contact him at

 This case is the first to confirm the US Air Force’s
 interest in the crop circle phenomenon, and is thus
 very important.
(In England we have, for some time,
 observed that the British military is taking serious
 interest in the phenomenon, although military
 officials have always denied it


 We also ascertain that it is not very probable that
 the US Air Force would investigate the phenomenon
 if they were convinced that all crop circles are man
. May we consider that the military evidently
 sees it
's part of their responsibility to pay attention
 to it

The Norwegian Crop Circle Group is comfortable that
Military Intelligence Service seems to keep an
 eye on the
phenomenon. Ater all, it would be part of
 their job.

 But we find it worrying that this interest is (untill now)
 consequently beeing denied by other military units.




Dette nummeret av den
The July 29, 1880 issue of
 NATURE magazine contains
a letter from a respected
 scientist of the time,
 J. Rand Capron,
circles with
 standing centres of stalks
 in a wheat field in Surrey,
England - one of the
 earliest, best-documented
 accounts on record.

© Nature


Page 290: See the last
 paragraph at the bottom on
 the right, starting with the
heading:  "Storm Effects",
(To be continued
 on page 291).

© Nature

Page 291: Letter continuing.

Click on images for
full-size versions!

© Naturee
 Se kart over området.


       Journal of Science

                  in 1880!

 Paul Anderson, head of The Canadian Crop Circle Re-
 search Network - CCCRN states on their web site:

 "Often still regarded by most of the public and media
 as a "new" phenomenon (since the 1970s / 1980s),
 findings by a number of researchers, including with
 CCCRN, continue to find cases which pre-date this
 time period, by decades or even possibly centuries":

 A well-documented account of earlier formations,
 printed in the highly respected scientific magazine
 Nature, describes flattened circles with standing
 centres of wheat stalks, (a characteristic still often
 seen today), in Surrey, England in 1880, a good
 century before crop circles became the publicly known
 phenomenon it is today. The July 29 1880 issue
 published a short letter to the editor, written by a
 respected scientist at the time, spectroscopist
 J. Rand Capron, describing circular flattenings in a
 wheat field in Surrey, England:

 NATURE - Illustrated Journal of Science, 1880

Storm Effects
 THE storms about this part of Surrey have been lately local
 and violent, and the effects produced in some instances
 curious. Visiting a neighbour’s farm on Wednesday evening
 (21st), we found a field of standing wheat considerably
 knocked about, not as an entirety, but in patches forming, as
 viewed from a distance, circular spots.
 Examined more closely, they all presented much the same
 character, viz., a few standing stalks as a centre, some
 prostrate stalks with their heads arranged pretty evenly in a
 direction forming a circle round the centre, and outside these
 a circular wall of stalks which had not suffered.
 I send a sketch made on the spot, giving an idea of the most
 perfect of these patches. The soil is a sandy loam upon the
 greensand, and the crop is vigorous, with strong stems, and I
 could not trace locally any circumstances accounting for the
 peculiar forms of the patches in the field, nor indicating
 whether it was wind or rain, or both combined, which had
 caused them, beyond the general evidence everywhere of
 heavy rainfall. They were to me suggestive of some cyclonic
 wind action, and may perhaps have been noticed elsewhere
 by some of your readers.
                 Guildown, Guilford, July 23   -   J. Rand Capron

 This case was first discovered by Peter Van Doorn as a
 reprint in the January 2000 issue of the Journal of
. (For those who have yet not seen this
 report or is interested in a copy, CCCRN has
 obtained a
print copy (the original letter in Nature,
 not the 2000 reprint)
from the microfilm archives in
 the Vancouver library. (...).

 Source: The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network.


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